Sublocade Now Available

Sublocade is a newly released medication alternative for treating opioid addiction. It is a product of Indivior, the pharmaceutical company responsible for Suboxone. Sublocade is a once monthly injection of time-released buprenorphine typically provided to patients who have been receiving buprenorphine for at least (7) days and who are stable on their medication.

The injection is subcutaneous (under the skin). The medication gradually breaks down (biodegrades) and releases buprenorphine for 30 days so that opioid withdrawal symptoms are effectively managed.

Sublocade was FDA-approved in the United States in late November 2017 and is presently available. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is making a concerted effort to address the ongoing opioid epidemic by making medication-assisted therapies available across the country. More information about Sublocade can be found on the Indivior website.